The main aim of KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS is to market the film in a big way
to ensure a big release depending on the budget of the film.

Maker of AD Films, Corporate Films, Industrial Films, Product-Machinery Demo Films, Training Films, Documentaries, Public Issue Films, Video Albums, TV Productions... Located in Bollywood (Mumbai) India, KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS.

We offer service right from the concept to the completion for creating cost effective and result oriented films on Digital Video, and/or on 35/70mm film format. KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS is helmed by ABDUL RAZZAQ KHAN, a creative, dedicated and energetic director who is ranked amongst the “top directors in ISRO”.. With no support of any god mother or god father he inspired by Amjad Khan started his films life with many roles in indian telivision and film industry.

About Us

It was started in the year 1994, it was named KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS.....

Years passed AKKI gained phenomenal success and became KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS.

Today, KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS is one of the fastest growing creative production houses, with Ideas that have a powerful vision, aimed to build lasting impression & that too in the Pocket friendly Budget

KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS provides you with the best solution for enhancing business opportunities. A combination of latest equipment, seasoned professional and inhouse facilities, produces assignments of remarkable quality and those that leave lasting impression on one's mind.

KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS offers comprehensive and unique solution that not only range from primary concept to final creation but which are also universal in approach.

The course of action that KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS follows, stringent quality control measure at every stage of production. Right from the time of conceptualization till the time of execution. Nothing is left to task and everything is executed upto the expectation and satisfaction of the customer. A service oriented approach keeps KISMAT VIDEO AND FILMS one step ahead of the competition.

Coming Soon.. - Worldwide...